If a potential client had to look at your business branding and describe it in three words or less what would your three words be? Quality? Luxurious? On-trend?

How you choose to 'dress' your business everyday sends out a message about the type of business you are and the kind of service people can expect. Your brand is the first impression you make on new clients; it's the x-factor that attracts talented staff; it's the recognition you create in the media.

We understand the importance of feeling confident to hand out your business card when that key connection comes along, or that sense of achievement when your brand is recognised by new potential partners. It is an asset to have a professional brand that you are proud of.

Here are a few samples of work we’ve done to help businesses create and further develop their business brands.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a brand is worth two thousand more.
Brigitte Edworthy, Brand Creator, Sweet Pepper Creative

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