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The Hospitality Guild is a highly responsive organisation that constantly evolves to meet the needs of their industry. And what they discovered was that there was a strong need for a community among young adults entering the hospitality industry.

A community where individuals could network, collaborate and share ideas and experiences with each other. So the Hospitality Guild stepped up and created a membership program to meet this need. But they also wanted a strong brand to represent this membership program, and this is why the Hospitality Guild Membership brand was developed.

As a sub brand within the organisation it had to tie in with the overall brand, but we chose a complementary green to make it stand out and symbolise new beginnings, growth and youthfulness. And the circles overlapping represent networks, ideas and experiences coming together.

Wanted to say a huge thank you for such a great job. It’s exactly what we had in mind – even better in fact. Thanks so much, really hugely appreciated!
Sophie Roberts-Brown, Operations Director, Hospitality Guild

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