Not many things come close to having an unforgettable experience. It lasts a lifetime and beats anything physical you can buy. Marble Hill Cherries know this and want their customers to experience their cherries in the same way that they do – in the fresh air, among nature, leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment, and a punnet or two of cherries that you personally selected.

Every year they open their farm up to invite people to come pick their own cherries but recently this has grown in popularity among other cherry farmers. So to keep their branding fresh and to stand out from their competitors Marble Hill Cherries partnered up with Sweet Pepper Creative to create a new logo.

They wanted a logo that was clear about being a cherry farm to attract visitors passing by; was unique to be recognised above the surrounding farms and would be versatile enough to be used on new signage, uniforms and to brand their cherry jams and other products. You might have spotted the overall cherry or even the cherry cut out on the bottom right but did you notice the 'hill' being created by the cherry stalk?

Sweet Pepper Creative managed the process well. They delivered on time and on budget, and worked hard to fine tune the end result. I am delighted with the logo, and related branding for Marble Hill Cherries.
Helen Lindon, Business Owner, Marble Hill Cherries.

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