Digital Signage


To maximise your influence and exposure at an exhibition your stand needs to be eye-catching, interesting and interactive. Exhibitions are great because they bring your target audience to you, but at the same time there are many other businesses competing for the same attention all in the same space.

UKSP, an initiative aimed at encouraging young adults to consider the hospitality and passenger transport industry as a career choice, take part in several exhibitions annually, so when it comes to their stand they know that it needs to stand out.

One of the reasons their stand is so successful is because they make use of constantly changing digital signage. The signage we designed for them uses interesting imagery, thought-provoking questions and easy to understand illustrations of where a career in the industry can lead.

The movement of the digital signage together with the bright, fun branding works every time. The complementary marketing collateral also makes use of social media hashtags and competitions to encourage participation.

If you want to stand out among your competitors we would definitely recommend considering digital signage!


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