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Once you’ve spent hours developing a new service and you can see how valuable it would be for your clients, the best thing to do is to shout about it. The campaign that Post Haste developed is an example of how to do that well.

They had developed a new Web2Print+ service and didn’t hesitate to promote it because they knew the time and money it could save their clients. So they called on Sweet Pepper Creative to help develop the marketing collateral to shout about it.

The promotional pieces ran across both print and digital, and the online elements were an email invitation to an event showcasing the new service, and a follow-up thank you email combined with a survey to get an idea of the level of interest. The branded emails had a striking look making them hard to ignore and made an impact in inboxes. We also designed them to be just as effective on both desktop and mobile devices, and by incorporating personalised fields it grabbed even more attention.

The end result was a successful, cohesive marketing campaign that created wide spread awareness.

When launching our Web2Print+ services, Sweet Pepper Creative was our go to for all collateral including printed and electronic direct mail elements. It was great to have one reliable point of contact for all of our marketing needs.
Hannah Collins, Brand Manager, Phoenix Society

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