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The founder of Business Coaching Systems couldn’t have put it better when he said ‘We want a website that will reassure referrals of the quality of work we do.’. It is so important as a service-based organisation to put ‘quality-indicators’ into place, and a website is definitely one of those indicators.

Business Coaching Systems (BCS) were in the market to update their branding and asked Sweet Pepper Creative to put forward our creativity and branding expertise to help with this. A part of the branding refresh included developing a new website which would be a follow on from the updated brand guidelines.

As a business that specialises in organisational coaching, corporate training and advisory services it was essential that the refreshed brand was motivational and inspiring. This we achieved by incorporating a nautical theme throughout with an underlying message of taking control of your business, having clear direction and the importance of team work.

BCS was absolutely thrilled with the end result and have had incredible amounts of positive feedback from both current and prospective clients. We are pleased that their new branding, and in particular their new website, has led to this fantastic outcome. It is a true reflection of how valuable a business brand can be.

We absolutely love it. It's brilliant and really showcases what BCS [Business Coaching Systems] is all about!
Sarah Eggett, Project Manager, Business Coaching Systems

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