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This is a favourite section on our site because it’s personal, you get to know a bit about us and it's slightly quirky.

And this excites us because we love to develop long-term relationships with our clients and if you know who we are we'd love to know more about you too.

A word of caution though… some of the pages might contain slightly odd bits of information. We are just saying that you have been warned. So, here goes…

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Meet the one with the ideas...

Brigitte Edworthy

Official title
Founder and Brand Creator

Unofficial title

Favourite part of my job
Thinking up new branding and marketing ideas closely followed by reading a design and/or marketing blog post at lunch time

Least favourite part of my job
Excel. Definitely Excel. Where is the excitement in inputting data into lifeless cells?

Why I do what I do
Because I love brainstorming new creative ideas for our clients, or for our own marketing campaigns. And secondly because I occasionally get to google puppy images for new campaign ideas (Did you mention that you were looking to develop a marketing campaign that included small dogs? No? Ok, maybe next time.).

Three interesting facts about myself
1. I can’t imagine why anyone would voluntarily eat coriander
2. I'd love to take up professional photography as a hobby
3. The most beautiful city I've been to is Freiburg in Germany


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