Book Launch


Women 1st, a not for profit organisation promoting gender equality in the work place, have a great sense of humour and know how to launch a new book too! This is case in point when it came to launching their new Little Book of Diversity or LBD as it’s known around their offices!

To promote the launch of the new book various marketing collateral was required which included a presentation template, pull up banners, flyers and a promotional ‘business card’, to name a few.

All of the collateral followed the same look and feel as the book design, and made clever reference to the acronym LBD, not to be mistaken for Little Black Dress but just as useful.

If you look closely you will spot the stitched writing again playing up to the LBD reference making it that much more memorable.

Big thank you for getting all our sales collateral designed up so quickly and for the really helpful feedback on the design of the book in the proofing stage.
Lara Wisdom, Communications Manager, Women 1st

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