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True Blue Chemicals had reached new heights in their industry – they had become the top Tier Two supplier in the hygiene and cleaning products market, which is an amazing achievement in such a competitive market. And the next step was to have a Corporate Profile brochure and catalogue to reflect this achievement and keep the momentum going.

This is where Sweet Pepper Creative was called in to work together with True Blue Chemicals. The decision was that the new brochures needed to convey strength and quality, along with being wholly Australian-made. It needed to showcase their positioning in the market to stakeholders and their growing network.

The end result was a crisp Corporate Profile which conveyed a confident, high quality look and feel, and a follow on product catalogue in the same style.

For True Blue Chemicals and Sweet Pepper Creative it was also the start of an ongoing partnership, and we have continued to develop related marketing material together. This is a perfect example of how we like to work with our clients, by developing long-term partnerships so that we really get to know their target audience and grow with their brands.

We are delighted with our corporate profile brochure. It’s a professional showpiece of our capabilities brought together in an eye-catching, dynamic yet logical format. Our sales guys love using it, and it explains in an instance what we stand for.
Jane Eakin, Marketing and Innovations Manager, True Blue Chemicals

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