Event Branding


Women 1st know how to inspire and celebrate successful, hardworking women. They are a non-profit organisation who promote the equality of women in the hospitality work place, and every year they hold a sold out Women 1st Conference and Shine Awards as a highlight in their event calendar.

Each year the conference and awards evening is themed to create a unified look and feel that stands out from the previous years. However the full day conference is also styled differently from the evening awards as the day transitions from learning and inspiration to celebration and recognition.

Women 1st maximise their branding opportunities by using a variety of branded pre-promotional material such as flyers, magazine inserts, invitations, email templates, branded email signatures, online ads and homepage takeovers. On the day it is hard to miss the theme as they make use of branded programs, awards brochures, certificates, digital signage, presentations and pull up banners.

It is a truly inspirational event and keeps growing every year, attracting speakers and delegates from around the world!


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