Magazine Ad


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to market your products or services in a magazine you’ll understand the excitement when you finally see it published. Gripset Betta had the opportunity to market their Wood Cure product in the Hardware Journal with an editorial and advertisement.

Sweet Pepper Creative was excited when Gripset Betta called on us to design the half page advertisement for them. The ad needed to make an impact and clearly showcase the uses and benefits of the product.

The final result was an eye-catching, imagery-based ad, and both Gripset Betta and Sweet Pepper Creative were thrilled with the outcome of the marketing opportunity.

Sweet Pepper Creative has been so easy to work with from the get go! They are creative, providing options for new projects and have a great turnaround time! They have been a life save on more than one occasion!
Rosalind Hill, Marketing Coordinator, Gripset Betta

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