Promotional Flyer


The WB1 product flyer and label was especially exciting for us because it was the first time we had designed for the New Zealand target market.

Gripset were releasing a new product, WB1, and developing a marketing campaign to promote it across both Australia and New Zealand.

Sweet Pepper Creative has worked together with Gripset on numerous other marketing materials and we are very familiar with their branding and target audience. So when we were asked to design the materials for the international WB1 product we were thrilled.

The WB1 label design fitted perfectly into the Gripset product line. The promotional flyer was aimed specifically to appeal to beekeepers and for this we got a little creative. The A5 flyer was used across both print and email in Australia and New Zealand.

Sweet Pepper Creative has been so easy to work with from the get go! They are creative, providing options for new projects and have a great turnaround time! They have been a life save on more than one occasion!
Rosalind Hill, Marketing Coordinator, Gripset

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